SP Cleaning Services provides low impact support services and as such we have a generally positive environmental impact as a company. We are committed to the promotion of sound environmental practice and it is our aim to reduce the environmental impacts of our business and to operate in an environmentally responsible manner.


  • Comply with the requirements of environmental legislation, regulations and approved codes of practice
  • Ensure all employees are aware of their responsibility in executing good environmental practice
  • Set clear environmental objectives and targets relevant to the nature of our business
  • Review the objectives and environmental policy annually
  • Report the results of performance targets


  • Liaising with our clients to promote sound environmental practice in the use and disposal of all materials
  • Selecting suppliers and contractors who adhere to an environmental policy statement
  • Reducing waste and recycling materials where appropriate
  • Reducing water usage and recycling water where appropriate
  • Reducing/minimising pollution
  • Reducing the consumption of energy by efficient use of buildings, equipment and vehicles
  • Reducing or avoiding pollution of the air, land or waste
  • Raising awareness, encouraging participation and training employees in the development of good environmental practice

This Environmental Policy applies to all aspects of our operations. The General Manager is responsible for ensuring that the policy is implemented. However, all management and employees have a responsibility to ensure that the aims and objectives of the policy are met.