Contract cleaning services are tailored to your specific requirements and include the provision of cleaning and garden maintenance personnel, equipment and consumables – ALL FOR A FIXED MONTHLY FEE, with no hidden costs. Perfect for accurate budgeting.

Optionally, the service can also include: supply, installation and maintenance of washroom hygiene equipment; scheduled pest control services; and regular high window cleaning.


  • Offices
  • Factories and warehouses
  • Retail outlets and shopping centres
  • Function venues
  • Hotels and guest lodges
  • Sport and recreation facilities


When it comes to contract cleaning, a hygienically clean building is only part of the benefit – a clean commercial facility represents a good corporate professional image. In addition, well kept, clean premises reduce the risk of allergies and other illnesses. That means office cleaning provides a better and healthier environment for both customers and employees. As a result you have a more productive workforce and a better business.

SP Cleaning Services is an experienced, professional contract cleaning company that can help you to maintain a professional image and healthy environment. We create individual commercial contract cleaning packages to fit each client’s needs and schedules, allowing the client to focus on their own business rather than having to manage cleaning staff, consumables and equipment. Whether you require a daily, weekly, monthly or just a once-off clean up, with SP Cleaning Services you are guaranteed of an affordable, top quality service. Our goal is to meet or exceed our clients’ requirements by providing the highest quality commercial cleaning services at highly competitive rates. And that’s exactly what SP has done for its clients all over Gauteng since 1991.


SP Cleaning Services makes use of the best cleaning equipment available, and this means less downtime. Nonetheless, in the event that a vacuum cleaner or other piece of equipment should fail during the course of daily cleaning, it is quickly collected and repaired, with a replacement unit provided in the interim.

Our staff members are all trained, either in-house or by our accredited Workplace Skills Provider, in the most up to date techniques and are neatly uniformed with our company logo clearly displayed for easy identification.

Safety of our clients and staff is of paramount importance to us. Staff members are provided with all necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Material Safety Data Sheets for each of the chemical products utilised by our staff are left with the Health and Safety Officer at our client’s premises, so that spills or other accidents can be dealt with appropriately.

On the support side, our advanced software and systems help ensure seamless, streamlined service delivery.

We employ a colour-coding method for wiping cloths and other materials, so that appropriate items are used for cleaning of various areas and surfaces in our client’s premises. This is critical in preventing cross-contamination and the spread of germs.


As an environmentally friendly company, we use biodegradable cleaning chemicals in all our cleaning services. Our teams are trained to use green cleaning methods to save precious natural resources.

SP Cleaning Services is a professional company that has built its reputation by operating with honesty and integrity. We are members of the NCCA (National Contract Cleaners Association) and are committed to upholding the code of ethics and good business practice as prescribed by the Association.

In fact, we can proudly boast that we were one of the first cleaning companies in South Africa to have voluntarily undergone an audit by the NCCA to confirm that we comply with all legislation pertaining to our industry. This includes issues such as wage rates and working hours; payment of prescribed annual bonuses; membership of the National Contract Cleaning Provident Fund; UIF contributions; Compensation for Occupational Injuries; etc. Needless to say, we passed the test with flying colours and received a certificate to prove it.

We view our staff as the backbone of our business and therefore simply refuse to compromise when it comes to fair labour practice.


Many companies that still employ their own staff to clean their premises simply do not realise the benefits and cost savings to be had by outsourcing this function to SP Cleaning Services. Not only does it save the time and resources associated with managing cleaners, but what many fail to take into account is the added cost of effective and appropriate consumables and cleaning equipment – all of which we supply as part of our service.

The cleaning industry is highly regulated and very competitive. Whilst our rates are in line with what others charge, it is our attention to detail and our passion for providing personal service that ensure that we stand out from the crowd.